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A Brief History Of The Air Conditioner

Air conditioning can be defined as the dehumidification and cooling of air for comfort. Air conditioning is often referred to as hvac, which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. But what is the history of air conditioning? When did air conditioning begin? Read on for a full description about the history of air conditioning.

1) The Roman Aqueducts – When you think of air conditioning, you think of modern electric and mechanical air conditioners which is quite a new invention. The idea of cooling a building however is not a new invention. It is believed ancient wealthy romans circulated water around the walls of their homes to cool the home down.

2) Industrial Air Conditioning – In the early 20th century, air conditioning was used primarily for commercial as well as industrial applications. At this time it was too unaffordable to be used in a home environment.

3) Home Air Conditioning – Residential air conditioning increased in popularity in the 1950’s as air conditioning became a more accessible and more affordable option.

4) Air conditioning In Your Car – In 1939, air conditioners first appeared in automobiles. The first car air conditioners were large, inefficient and expensive. In the 1980’s, car air conditioners really took off as they became affordable, efficient and common in new cars.

5) Modern Air Conditioning – Modern air conditioning in the 21st century can be found in almost every part of life. These days, air conditioners can be found in almost every residential, industrial and commercial building. The development of air conditioners has also meant that systems have become more powerful, smaller and cheaper to run over the years as well.

This has been a basic and brief overview of the history of air conditioning.

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